ACA plans have higher out-of-pocket prescription costs; The benefits of hospital partnerships;

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> Mike Cotton, who previously served as vice president and chief operating officer of Humana's dual eligible and Medicaid programs, has been named Oregon-based Providence Health Plan's new CEO. Announcement

> Individuals who have a typical silver plan through the Affordable Care Act marketplace face out-of-pocket medication costs that are twice as high as consumers who have an average employer-sponsored plan, according to a new study published in Health Affairs. Study

> The Employee Benefits Security Administration and the New York attorney general will work together to enforce laws concerning both self-insured and employer-based health plans for the state's workers, the Associated Press reports. Article   

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> The modern era of intensified mergers and acquisitions and partnerships among hospitals often means a mutually beneficial arrangement where numerous smaller providers end up bearing bigger, more prestigious systems' brand names, while larger organizations reap the benefits of the community relationships their partners have built, according to U.S. News & World Report. Article

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> The actions of hedge funds and private equity firms to drive up the profitability of their investments also cause the costs of healthcare delivery to rise dramatically, according to a non-profit, left-of-center organization. Article

And Finally… No special treatment for this CEO. Article