4 ways insurers can implement mobile performance metrics

Mobile app performance in the health insurance industry continues to grow in importance and popularity. And as insurers embrace mobile strategies, it's imperative to measure their performance against cost and success at achieving business goals, FierceMobileHealthcare previously reported.

Listed below are ways to implement and operate mobile performance metrics, according to Insurance & Technology.

Determine resources

Insurers should have a game plan when it comes to their mobile insurance team. Identify who will spearhead the project by performing a feasibility check to compare and contrast page tagging. That way, the team can assess if they'll require script-based tagging.

Figure out what to implement

Insurers need to identify what is high-priority--customer top tasks and most visited pages, for instance--and implement a phased approach. That way, the insurer can explain full implementation over time while focusing on areas that measure technical fitness of the app and the level of results.

Analyze data across various dimensions

By using mobile metrics as a base, insurers should look at different dimensions, such as time, content, marketing and technology, to better measure performance. The variety of dimensions will help paint a picture of what needs improving and how the technology is performing.

What to improve

Improving the sites that generate the most traffic may bring in the biggest return on investment and have the best impact on overall customer experience. By looking at total page views, insurers can determine which content is most used by customers. With that information, they can figure out which areas need more attention.

So, what can insurers do once they've evaluated such performance metrics? It's helpful to perform a "what after" analysis, notes the article. Insurers can then look to see which measure need modifying. What's more, the analysis should focus on customer-related goals for mobile investments, especially since customers have yet to fully adopt these new mobile app tools.

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