A Medicare initiative to prevent seniors and people with serious disabilities from developing Type 2 diabetes is off to a rocky start, experts say.

As the rest of the healthcare industry continues to move towards value, drugmakers are doing the same in the form of private contracts.

Humana is making more moves into value-based care, following reports of a possible merger with Walmart.

Democratic lawmakers are taking another crack at a public option with a Medicare buy-in option for employers and individuals on ACA exchanges.

Overlap between BCPI and MSSP programs could cause unintended consequences, according to a blog post in Health Affairs.

A joint letter urges HHS to close a loophole insurers claim leads to inappropriate steering of dialysis patients toward commercial policies.

Backlash against HHS' proposal to expand short-term health plans continues following a letter to congressional leaders by 113 medical groups.

A whistleblower alleges that a major California insurer failed to pay about $89 million in taxes on premium revenue as required under federal law.

Two medical associations are pushing for greater use of value-based payments in opioid addiction treatment.

Starting next year, annual Medicare spending is expected to grow by an average of 7% over the next decade, exceeding $1.2 trillion by 2028.