PHI marketplace firms are increasingly approaching patients directly in a bid to develop identified health data sets.

Michigan becomes the second state to allow value-based drug payments in its Medicaid program.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar also teased work by CMMI to pay for benefits like food and housing through Medicaid as he addressed a crowd in D.…

To many providers, all-downside risk might sound like a nightmare. But Virta Health is taking it on by choice.

Medicaid can be a lifesaver for enrollees with chronic conditions. In fact, AHIP found the coverage is nearly equivalent to many commercial plans.

HHS’ drug pricing plans are meant to signal to the healthcare industry—and voters—that it's serious on this issue, experts say. 

More than 18,000 people were added to the final number of consumers impacted by the breach last month.

This is perhaps the broadest workaround to the exclusion that's occurred yet without amending the Medicaid law itself.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, Oscar Health accused the Florida plan of a "blatant" scheme to restrict access to ACA plans.

Cigna made remarkable gains over its subpar customer satisfaction figures from 2017, but its score still pales in comparison with industry leaders.