Despite Trump's best efforts to undermine the ACA exchanges, the uninsured rate remained mostly unchanged in 2017.

A new analysis finds that consumers pay more out-of-pocket for certain high-cost drug therapies under Part D than under Part B.

Two federal policies could add thousands of dollars in premiums to benchmark plans, according to an analysis by the Center for American Progress.

Aetna is suing two Texas laboratories, alleging the labs engaged in an elaborate scheme in which they used hospitals as "pass-through" billers.

The CMS has rejected one state's request to end the individual mandate; also, is it cheaper to cover people under Medicaid or through the exchanges?

If proposed mergers between CVS-Aetna and Cigna-Express Scripts are approved, just four companies would cover 71% of Part D beneficiaries.

The CMS' call for an end to "gag clauses" is likely to put such contracts in the public spotlight, a healthcare expert tells FierceHealthcare.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has passed dozens of bills recently to fight the opioid crisis, with many focusing on Medicare and Medicaid.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage continues to drag his feet on Medicaid expansion, while Alaska also struggles with Medicaid funds.

Three health advocacy groups are calling out CMS for improperly "mischaracterizing" Medicare Advantage plan benefits in educational documents.