To some insurance brokers and consumers, short-term insurance plans are an enticing, low-cost alternative for healthy people.

Less than six months after a court forced the agency to reconsider Medicaid work requirements in Kentucky, CMS has reapproved the program.

A study says diabetics are more likely to delay care if they have a high-deductible plan, and Florida's opioid suit now includes CVS and Walgreens.

A newly unsealed whistleblower lawsuit claims Molina violated the False Claims Act by failing to implement a "SNFist" program.

After taking control of the House, Democrats are again probing the DOJ's refusal to defend the ACA—but this time with more leverage.

Health insurer profitability is expected to remain stable in 2019, according to an analysis by Moody's Investor Services.

A new guide released by the Northeast Business Group on Health offered some guidelines for employers about how to figure out what's worth covering.

The companies are still awaiting approval from two states, but expect the deal to close after the holiday.

Fewer patients with employer-sponsored insurance are visiting their primary care doctors, but more are seeing other advanced practice providers.

Oscar says it will suffer "immediate irreparable harm" if the court doesn't grant its requested relief.