Opponents say HHS’ new “conscience and religious freedom” division will allow discrimination against women and LGBTQ patients.

More must be done to ensure the accuracy of Medicare Advantage encounter data, according to the HHS OIG.

Humana, which like other health insurers will benefit from the new tax law, will share some of that windfall with its employees.

In a final plea, CareFirst attorneys warned that companies would be inundated with data breach lawsuits without the high court's review.

Calling it the "most pressing priority" for family physicians, the AAFP has adopted a host of principles aimed at reducing administrative burden.

GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander hopes to include two ACA exchange stabilization bills in a potential long-term spending measure.

Physicians and payers are vowing to collaborate to help relieve one of doctors’ biggest headaches: obtaining prior authorizations.

House Republicans are trying to lock in votes today on a short-term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown.

Healthcare provider groups are hitting back against new policies from Anthem that they claim will harm both patients and physicians.