Officials at the Department of Health and Human Services said they want to hear from the public about how to fix HIPAA.

ACOs have saved Medicare $2.7 billion, according to an analysis commissioned by NAACOS. CMS estimates pegged savings at $1.6 billion.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar promised Part D reforms would not limit access to antiretrovirals used to treat HIV.

A newly unsealed whistleblower lawsuit accuses the California health system of submitting unsupported diagnosis codes to boost reimbursement.

Kaiser Family Foundation is warning that CMS' changes to 1332 waivers could end up authorizing subsidies for non-ACA compliant plans.

Wait times are long in Canada under a single-payer system, raising debate about whether they would translate to the U.S. under Medicare-for-all.

The agreement ends drawn-out negotiations that intensified over the last several months.

Analysts cited new health spending data that shows flat growth in retail drug costs offset by higher physician-administered drug spending.

A coalition is seeking legislative remedies against surprise medical bills such as requiring that patients be informed when care is out of network.

The lobbying group says AHPs will destabilize ACA markets and create an opportunity for abusive insurance practices.