In order to help curb ever-increasing healthcare costs, some states have had to change things up, including how they pay for hospital services.

MA plans could soon pay for healthy food, home repairs and transportation to church services if one palliative care specialist gets her way.

With a few nods to his new position, Atul Gawande lamented healthcare's inefficiencies.

Under the proposed plan, the Department of Health and Human Services would be renamed the Department of Health and Public Welfare.

Despite proposed double-digit premium hikes for ACA plans in 2019, one insurer is taking a deeper dive into the marketplace.

Thursday's announcement comes just a few months after the insurer reported it successfully slashed customer opioid use by 25%.

Panelists at the 2018 AHIP Institute & Expo in San Diego say much more can be done to prevent costly chronic diseases.

Here's what we know about what Gawande's selection will mean.

Tech and retail companies present a "clear and present danger" to health insurers, one Deloitte consultant said at AHIP 2018.

Atul Gawande, M.D., was officially named CEO of the three-way partnership's newly formed company to address U.S. employee healthcare.