Xplore Technologies rolls out newest heavy-duty tablets; Android-based mobile teleradiology collaboration platform developed;

> Rugged tablet PC maker Xplore Technologies last week announced a brand new family of heavy-duty tablets designed to be used in the field by emergency medical technicians and other first responders, as well as the military. The company calls its new offerings "iPads on steroids." Article 

> Care Innovations recently launched its Intel-GE Care Innovations Guide platform, which uses "desktops, tablets, netbooks and other mobile devices" to improve patient behavior by promoting interactive relationships between doctors and patients. Article

> San Diego-based mobile management company Nukona and wireless network designer Interger Wireless are teaming up to help hospitals and other healthcare providers with their privacy and security requirements with regard to smartphone and tablet use. The collaboration was announced at the Wireless-Life Science Alliance's Convergence Summit last week. Announcement

> ENDEAVOR-Mobile, an Android-based mobile teleradiology platform developed by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), will allow doctors to "share, annotate and discuss medical images" on various mobile devices in "real-time," according to a news release. Announcement

And Finally... Not sure if "stylish" is the right word for this. Article