Why a gaming touch with mHealth apps could prove beneficial to patients

As FierceMobileHealthcare reported recently a new study reveals mHealth apps using a gaming touch could help patients reduce stress, pay more attention to their health and improve recovery. In fact, as one physician technologist, Joseph Kim, M,D., writes in SearchHealthIT, gaming strategies could have a much wider range of benefits including boosting patients' motivation levels, helping them stay on track with medicine intake and providing patients with updates on how they're progressing in terms of a healthy lifestyle. Gaming approaches can also help patients set goals. The physician uses an example of a newly diagnosed diabetic patient who typically feels a need to learn more about the condition, medications and how they can improve self-management on health issues. "We have only seen the beginning of how gamification principles will help patients improve their health," writes Kim, founder of NonClinicalJobs.com. Kim expects to see significant growth in gamification in the mHealth app segment. Article