What is mobile healthcare?

When FierceMarkets first approached me a few months ago about editing the new FierceMobileHealthcare, I figured this would be a piece of cake. I've written about health IT for years, and mobile technology is an increasingly important component of that sector.

Then I got down to writing the prototype issue.

Search the Internet for "mobile health." You'll find a lot of information and reports about fascinating new devices and useful software for mobile phones and personal digital assistants, sure, but there will be plenty of links to truly mobile healthcare--clinics on wheels and such. Don't be surprised to find dozens of stories and sites about healthcare in the town of Mobile, AL, as well. A few publicists have come up with their own unique takes on mobile healthcare, hoping to get cited in this newsletter.

Each week as I gather information for FierceMobileHealthcare, I'm confronted anew with the question, "What is mobile healthcare?" Since this is an IT-focused newsletter, I tend not to focus on the mobile clinics unless the vehicles are outfitted with EMRs or some other electronic link to a health organization. Does telemedicine count if it's between fixed points? Are there other forms of mobile healthcare that I'm missing? I'd love to hear your answers. Sure, it could make my job easier, but it also will help assure that you're reading exactly the kinds of stories you want. - Neil