Wellness program members interested in Apple Watch, but not in its price

A new survey reveals participants in wellness programs are well aware of Apple's new Watch, and nearly half are interested in owning the device--for the right price.

Of those polled in the survey, conducted by HealthMine in early April, 81 percent know the Watch boasts a digital health and fitness monitor, according to an announcement. Apple's new sales strategy for the watch, which officially goes on sale April 24, lets potential buyers check out watch via in-store demonstrations.

The survey reports that 42 percent of wellness program members are interested in buying the Watch and 94 percent are aware of the new mHealth innovation. The Watch starts at $350, with a top-tier option of $17,000.

Experts forecast strong sales, FierceMobileHealthcare previosuly reported. Industry analysts' predictions range from 15 million to 30 million being sold by year's end, with Apple capturing 55 percent of smartwatch market share. Yet all the news about the Watch hasn't been rosy, as Apple was forced to drop some health functionality prior to market launch.

The HealthMine survey notes that despite consumer interest, actual sales may not be as robust because of the high price. Only 10 percent of those surveyed said they are willing to pay the starting price, about 20 percent said they would pay $199 and 10 percent would pay $299. The numbers drop further as the price point increases, with 7 percent willing to spend $399, 2 percent willing to spend $499 and just 3 percent willing to pay $599.

Customization is defining aspect to sell a wearable with mHealth features, such as the Watch, Bryce Williams, CEO and HealthMine president, said in the announcement. "Personalization is key when it comes to consumer adoption of health tools." 

He added: "The Apple Watch with its powerful connection to valuable health data and limitless choices for personalization has the potential to shape and transform personal health monitoring. And, our survey indicates that Apple's pricing is right. Early adopters are almost always willing to pay more."

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