Wearables shipments to hit 110M by year's end

Innovative devices, strong smartwatch adoption and increasing consumer awareness will cause wearables shipments to hit 110 million by year's end and pass the 200 million mark in three years, according to a new IDC research report.

The double-digit projected growth is being driven by new wearable types, such as smartclothing, smartglasses and "hearables," according to the report. By 2020, there will be 237.1 million wearable device shipments.

"Although smartwatches, like the Apple Watch or Android Wear devices, capture the spotlight, they will only account for a quarter of all wearables in 2016 and will grow to about a third by 2020," Jitesh Ubrani, IDC senior research analyst for mobile device trackers, said in an announcement.

IDC expects Apple Watch and wristband shipments to hit 100 million this year, a healthy boost from the 72.2 million shipped last year. The new wearable types will result in 9.8 million units this year and is expected to double in four years. Smartwatches that surpass today's capabilities will become a formidable market driver, according to IDC, especially those with an app ecosystem.

"With few exceptions, this part of the smartwatch market is still in its initial stages," Ramon Llamas, research manager for IDC wearables, said in the announcement. "We expect to see major changes, with smartwatches that actually look like watches, user interfaces that are easier than swipes and gestures, applications that rival those on our smartphones, and connections to networks, systems, and other devices."

The research insight mirrors the predictions of Grand View research published last week, which cited expanding consumer interest and growing consumer income as top drivers of growth in the smart fitness device market. In addition, a Consumer Technology Association report at the end of 2015 stated 35 percent of American adults are likely to choose a smartwatch as a health and fitness device.

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