Wearable monitor may help injured soldiers; Fitbit debuts Windows 10 app;

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> A wearable monitor clipped to an injured soldier's nose may be the next mobile health tool used on the frontline, according to an article at Cambridge News. The device, created by Cambridge Design Partnership, helps medics track vital signs such as heart rate and respiratory rate. Data from the device can be shared using smartphones and other mobile computing devices. Article

> Fitbit is debuting a Windows 10 app for desktop and tablets that lets users track steps, exercise, food, sleep, weight and log other personal health data, according to VentureBeat. Windows mobile and Xbox One versions are due later this year. Article

Provider News

> Music played in the preoperative setting can reduce an adult patient's postoperative pain, anxiety and need for pain medication, according to a new study published in The Lancet. Although music therapy didn't change patients' lengths of stay, researchers said it did increase their satisfaction and the intervention is non-invasive, safe and inexpensive. Article

> Disruptive or rude behavior by doctors toward other healthcare staff is a continuing problem, but new research shows it also actively hurts the medical team's performance, according to a new study published in Pediatrics. The study found that team members exposed to the snide comments had lower diagnostic and procedural performance scores than those who didn't hear the remarks. Article

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> Though the Affordable Care Act has encouraged many more people to sign up for health coverage, some Americans are opting for an unconventional choice instead--"health ministries." Members essentially agree to share the cost of their medical expenses and bet that their out-of-pocket savings will make up for any expenses they incur being part of a communal risk pool, according to Bankrate's Insurance Blog. Article

And Finally… Not sure what a flying spaghetti monster looks like? Neither was I until now. Article