Wearable device aims to give ALS patients more independence; Hospital adds tech features to patient rooms;

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> A new wearable device and app may soon provide greater independence to ALS patients and those suffering with other neurodegenerative diseases. Royal Philips and Accenture have developed a proof of concept that taps EEG brainwaves to command electronic devices via a wearable display, a tablet and Emotiv Insight Brainware software. Patients can use the system to access a medical alert service, a smart TV and wireless lighting and also communicate via pre-configured messages. The wearable display provides visual feedback that allows the user to navigate through the application menu. Announcement

> Latin American healthcare sciences publisher PLM now offers 35 mobile apps, based on its medical reference guides, according to Infotech Lead. The apps provide up to date insight on a variety of health issues, from heart disease to cancer. Post

> Nearly three quarters of clinical psychologists recently polled by Sigma Research believe mHealth apps in mental healthcare treatment can boost patient care, while 68 percent respondents said they believe integrating data from apps for mental health tracking into therapy practice would be beneficial to advancing their profession. Announcement

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> A bill pending before the Senate would expand telehealth coverage of Medicare beneficiaries living in underserved areas and would waive statutory Medicare restrictions on telehealth services. The proposed bill would extend telehealth coverage to critical access and sole-community hospitals regardless of metropolitan status. Article

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> A Texas hospital is striving to improve patient experience with a variety of new services, including access to iPads and free Wi-Fi in rooms as well as 42-inch plasma screen televisions. Hospital administrators say they are tapping insight from other businesses, such as Apple, to boost patient satisfaction. Article

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