Verizon, Healthsense collaborate on telehealth for seniors

A few weeks ago, we asked a question about how Verizon might decide to tackle the mHealth market. We recently received something close to an answer as the telecom giant announced a partnership with Mendota Heights, Minn.-based telehealth/remote monitoring vendor Healthsense.

Healthsense will providing the technology, such as activity monitors for the home, along with personal emergency response capability and wireless nurse call systems. Such monitors can check the users' activity within the home, such as when doors are opened and closed, and how often toilets are used, according to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal. If activity levels fall outside of normal parameters, clinicians are alerted to check on the resident, Healthsense president Brian Bischoff wrote in a recent blog post.

Verizon, meanwhile, will provide the IT backbone with its FiOS broadband network, and will market the telehealth/monitoring systems to assisted living facilities and senior communities.

One interesting note: This may only be the beginning for Verizon/Healthsense. Bischoff revealed that the partners are considering expanding to traditional telemedicine, with remote physician visits beamed into users' homes.

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