Vendor offers 5 tips for remote support

Mobile technology is changing the way the IT departments at healthcare organizations operate in so many ways. Geographically dispersed facilities operate on the same networks and support a highly mobile workforce. The point of care is shifting away from the hospital and clinic into patient homes. Today, it's possible to provide the same experience no matter where your people and patients might be.

LogMeIn, a Woburn, MA-based developer of remote-access technology, is circulating a list of its top five tips for remote support in health IT, based on customer feedback (and with an eye toward selling more software, natch):

1. Respond quickly when someone calls the help desk. Remote support software allows tech support to do their thing while clinicians concentrate on providing care.

2. Focus on the patient experience by quickly resolving problems in high-anxiety areas like billing, admissions and discharges.

3. Give employees the tools they need to be productive.

4. Embrace a mobile workforce.

5. Support multiple sites with a single IT team, whether they're on site or not.

For further details:
- download the LogMeIn guide (.pdf, reg. req.)