Vendor bets on healthcare professionals as app sellers

As discussions heat up about whether healthcare providers, rather than app stores, will be the resellers of healthcare apps in the future, a company that builds custom apps for clinicians has emerged on the scene.

Pixineers, a San-Jose-based app developer, has created a specialty app for before-and-after imaging. That is, clients can upload a "before" photo and receive a before-and-after comparison image in return. So far, the vendor has only penetrated the cosmetic surgery market, where before-and-after is a staple of the trade. It has even created a custom app used by the physician on the TV reality show, Dr. 90210. 

Now it appears the company is looking to break into the optometry, dentistry and ophthalmology markets, too.

The idea: Physicians and other providers will latch onto the Pixineer apps as a marketing giveaway for clients, to get their initial business and cement their loyalty. And given that most healthcare patients are unlikely to dig through a retail app store looking for a healthcare product, their physician may be the only time they see the app.

"We are enabling medical professionals to develop their own apps in a very affordable way," Pixineers founder and CEO Hisham Al-Shurafa said, according to a press release. "These apps are a new trend in patient marketing and education. Now all the doctor's information is easily accessible from the patient's cell phone."

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