UPMC deploys Microsoft Surface tablets to physicians; Telemedicine support program helps tame out-of-control blood pressure;

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> UPMC in Pittsburgh recently deployed 2,000 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets to its physicians, according to a Microsoft blog post. Post

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> Joshua J. Fenton, M.D., M.P.H, of the University of California, Davis, recently provided further insight on his team's 2012 widely cited and debated study indicating that highly satisfied patients had higher hospital admissions, higher drug expenditures and were 26 percent more likely to die. Article

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> Telemedicine helped patients with uncontrolled hypertension improve their blood pressure readings, according to recently published research. The patients came from a rural mountain region where cell phone service is often spotty. Those who had reliable cellular service used telemedicine while those with spotty service followed usual care. Article

> Robert Wah, newly minted president of the American Medical Association, referenced "Star Trek" character Leonard McCoy, aka Bones, in his first official speech focusing on the importance of technology in healthcare--and the balance between harnessing that new information and remaining compassionate and connected to patients. "Bones bridged the gaps among the extremes of logic and instinct, rules and regulations, rational thought versus impulsive action, scientific knowledge and human compassion," Wah said. Article

And Finally... Dinosaur blood was "just right." Article