Topol to serve as AT&T's Chief Medical Advisor

AT&T has tapped reigning mHealth ambassador Eric Topol, M.D. to be its new Chief Medical Advisor. According to the company's announcement, Topol "will impact the design, development and delivery of AT&T's healthcare IT solutions, connecting the healthcare ecosystem to enhance health outcomes and care delivery processes for patients and their caregivers."

Topol, who is a cardiologist, geneticist, researcher and chief academic officer for Scripps Health, authored the 2012 book "The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Healthcare." AT&T announced that in addition to his duties for the company he will continue in his position at Scripps Health, a nonprofit healthcare system based in San Diego. 

"Dr. Topol will offer strategic guidance in key areas such as emerging devices and mHealth products and services," states the announcement. "His input will enhance AT&T's existing health IT solutions and drive consumer and enterprise adoption in an increasingly digital world." Announcement