Text-based smoking cessation program doubles rate of quitting in trial

Consumer studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Voxiva's Text2quit personalized interactive smoking cessation program, with self-reported quit rates as high as 32 percent after six months, according to a company announcement.

"Recent results from a Text2quit randomized control trial measuring quit success using saliva analysis to biochemically verify whether participants had stopped smoking indicate that users in the Text2quit group had double the quit rates at six months when compared to the control group," states the announcement.

The Text2quit results jibe with a November 2012 review of evidence from five studies which found that mobile phone-based interventions are an effective method for helping smokers quit. Based on the results of the studies, researchers estimated that mobile phone programs could nearly double the chance of quitting for at least six months--from four percent to five percent--in control groups, to between six and 10 percent in intervention groups.

Voxiva, a Washington, D.C.-based provider of interactive mobile health and wellness programs, developed Text2quit in collaboration with The George Washington University Medical Center. Text2quit's personalized text messages provide participants with educational information, interactive tools to fight cravings, and a "quit pal" to provide tips and support throughout the process.  

In addition, the app provides an interactive decision tree to help the smoker select prescription or over-the-counter cessation aids that would be of most value to them. Participants can also use an online website to track their progress, how much money they have saved and how many "life days" they have regained since they've stopped smoking. 

"Text2quit gives smokers a strong behavioral science-based approach to kicking the habit for good. Motivation and support are delivered by text messages personalized to the individual, and extra support is provided around the participant's quit date, to get them through the most challenging time," said Justin Sims, CEO of Voxiva, in a written statement.

Available to health plans, employers, and state and local health departments, Text2quit is offered to smokers who call state run quit lines in several states. To date, more than 75,000 smokers have been enrolled in the smoking cessation program, which works with any mobile phone with text message capabilities. 

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