Text a doc at $50 a pop; Users have issues with wearable sensors;

> A San Francisco-based start-up company has panels of physicians available to answer health questions via text messaging from colleagues, patients, drug companies, financial analysts and--yikes--journalists for $50 a pop. Article

> Attention purchasers of wearable biometric sensors: Make sure they're comfortable to the wearer and make sure data from the sensors remains confidential. Blog post

> Playing off the idea that people pay attention to text messages and often take immediate action when they receive a text, a company called Mobile Health Interventions is betting that timely texts can help change unhealthy behavior. Press release

> The Smart Card Alliance Healthcare Council will concentrate its 2010 efforts on identity management and is developing a position paper on healthcare data breaches and medical identity theft. Press release

And Finally... Give the guy a break. Crack is expensive, and who wants to carry that much cash? News brief