Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute to serve as home for connected health foundry

The Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute is set to house AT&T's new Foundry for Connected Health, which will open in Houston next month.

The AT&T Foundry for Connected Health, which is the healthcare branch of the AT&T Foundry for the Internet of Things, aims to support innovative concepts to connect care in the home with care in the clinical environment, according to an announcement.

The Foundry for Connected Health will serve as a resource for Texas Medical Center's doctors and innovators interested in developing integrated healthcare solutions.

"The Texas Medical Center member institutions are continually advancing care and exploring technologies that allow us to better connect to and support patients," Robert C. Robbins, president and CEO of Texas Medical Center, said in the announcement. "Our ability to connect, monitor and detect issues early on provides us the opportunity to improve patient care."

The connected health market is expected to hit $117 billion by 2020 and 86 percent of clinicians believe mobile apps will be central to patient health in that time frame, FierceMobileHealthcare previously reported.

Another goal of the foundry "is to bring ideas from concept to commercialization faster than previously possible," Igal Elbaz, vice president of ecosystem and innovation at AT&T, said in the announcement.

One example of a technology being worked on is the Permobil's Connected Wheelchair as well as a remote patient morning service for post-discharge care efforts.

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