Telemedicine trumps telephone for trauma consulting; California hospital uses wearables to monitor patients' hospital bed position;

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> The Northern Maine Medical Center is using cameras, monitors and wireless devices as part of a telemedicine services effort with Eastern Maine Medical Center, according to the St. John's Valley Times. The system will allow for real-time, video-based trauma consulting between three healthcare facilities and replace the traditional telephone consulting approach. Article

> El Camino Hospital, in Mountain View, California, is using wearable sensor technology to electronically monitor a patient's bed position and movements to help reduce patient pressure sores, known commonly as bedsores. The sensor collects data and provides it to caregivers' central monitoring stations or mobile devices. The technology has resulted in a "dramatic improvement" in hospital's patient turn protocol compliance. Announcement

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> A new patient flow model, called The Aims for Excellence at Northwest Community Healthcare, is helping reduce patient infections, length of hospital stays and improve test and treatment scheduling. Article

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> A growing number of healthcare providers and health advocacy groups are calling on lawmakers to support better data transparency and interoperability so patients and caregivers have easier and simpler access to data in order to make more informed and educated healthcare decisions. Article

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> Exorbitantly priced compound drugs are under scrutiny by insurance companies and providers and even states, the latter of which are establishing prescription cost limits due to increasing compound ingredients costs. In 2013 Massachusetts's second-largest insurer decided to stop covering compounded drugs because it said the costs and safety concerns posed too great of a risk. Article

And Finally... Who knew microscopes could be so sensitive? Article