Telemedicine has a mascot; ESA creates 'lab-in-a-chip';

> The Georgia Partnership for Telehealth and several other partners have created a character to represent the telehealth industry--Peachy, a human-sized peach who makes the rounds of local schools and community groups to increase the use of telemedicine in primary health care in rural areas. Article

> HIMSS just created an mHealth subsidiary, mHIMSS, to centralize emerging mobile practice, technology standards, hardware and software information, and to lobby for pro-mobile legislation and policies around the U.S. Website

> 15 South Dakota hospitals recently were awarded more than $200,000 in telehealth grants to split. It's just the latest in nearly $4 million in federal grants the state has garnered in the past 11 years. Article

> Palomar Pomerado Health in Southern California recently experimented, not with iPads, but with Cisco's new Cius tablet. Article

> The European Space Agency is creating a new "lab-in-a-chip" to allow remote blood testing, diagnostics and more in space. You can bet a home version likely isn't far off. Article

> A new app challenge--Apps to Empower Women--is meant to encourage vendors to create female-friendly apps for smartphones and tablets. Article

> Group gaming is a more powerful motivator than personal improvement when it comes to patients making healthier lifestyle choices, or sticking with a clinical regimen, a new study finds. Article

> PositiveID's iglucose remote monitoring system just received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Article

And Finally... I wonder what she would have gotten on eBay. Article