Telemedicine deserves a better shot; Diabetes studies showing mixed results;

> FierceHealthIT editor Anne Zieger calls telemedicine a "no-brainer" that the medical establishment really should take seriously. FierceHealthIT

> Two diabetes studies--one using telemedicine and home monitoring, and the other focusing on electronic messaging for disease management--show mixed results. Article

> It's not quite real-time data exchange, but a Wisconsin hospital's home health department is connecting its field nurses for wound care. Article

> A new iPhone app is billed as the first free interactive application for mobile ultrasound education. Press release

> Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh are developing a mobile kiosk to help elderly patients monitor their health. News brief

> As part of their effort to combat pornography, Chinese officials are limiting some medical research. Really. Blog post

And Finally... Need an unlocked iPhone? Call a teenager. Article