Survey reveals 77 percent of healthcare orgs don't provide self-service options for mHealth; Dutch university researchers develop wearable sensors to constantly analyze sweat;

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> A new Oracle survey reveals 77 percent of healthcare organization don't provide self-service options for mobile devices used by patients and 70 percent cite cost issues as top obstacle in delivering more individualized and custom services, according to an eWeek report. There are few online portals for communication with physicians or portals providing patients with personal services or messaging. Article

> Researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have developed wearable sweat sensors for the medical analysis of perspiration. The device, according to the school, functions like a water pump that is able to operate without external power and uses an integrated microchip to constantly analyze sweat. Announcement

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> New York's inattention and slow response to incidents of patient harm make the state a haven for criminal and incompetent nurses. Despite a nationwide movement to improve nurse oversight and crack down on licensee misconduct, these reforms have largely passed New York by. Article

> To grow and thrive, the healthcare industry must enter a "third era" combining the strongest features of previous healthcare landscapes, according to former Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Donald Berwick, M.D. Article

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> Patients would benefit from a health regulatory framework that is less rigid and more "trusting of IT," according to a new white paper published this week by Health IT Now, in conjunction with health analytics firm Apervita. The authors suggest a "two-step regulatory solution" to improve the industry that includes an increased push for interoperability of electronic health data, as well as the "democratization of health data analytics." Article

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