Startup touts iPad as revenue generator for docs; NaviNet seeks to deliver data to point of care;

> SymTrimics, a startup firm in El Segundo, Calif., is attempting to turn iPad-based weight management into a revenue source for physician practices. Article

> One of the most important reasons for NaviNet's recently announced acquisition of Prematics is to deliver more information to clinicians at the point of care via iPad, smartphone or other mobile device. Article

> The Center for Connected Health at Partners HealthCare System in Boston has hired Massachusetts General Hospital cardiologist Dr. Stephanie A. Moore as medical director of its Connected Cardiac Care program. Press release

> More than a year after FierceMobileHealthcare brought you the news, USA Today's "Science Fair" blog reports on UCLA engineering professor Aydogan Ozcan's efforts to plug a low-cost digital microscope attachment into a smartphone. Article

> With the help of a CDC grant, the San Francisco Department of Public Health has introduced an iPhone and iPad app to help educate high-risk populations about sexually transmitted diseases. Article

> The new Wavefront Wireless Commercialization Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, will help develop and bring to market new wireless technologies for healthcare and other industries. Press release

And Finally... When exactly did Festivus adherents start requiring kosher food for their celebrations? Article