SPOTLIGHT: Has the iPad lived up to all the hype?

It's been a little over six months since Apple's iPad debuted to much fanfare. Not long after its debut, speculation about what the gadget could do for healthcare was rampant. Amid the oohing and aahing, some questioned whether the iPad was ready for prime time. Is all the hype surrounding the iPad's impact so far on healthcare real? FierceHealthcare editor Sandra Yin doesn't think so. As American Medical News reported, the iPad doesn't offer fingerprint access, resist dust and spills or offer voice-to-text dictation, among what some consider "must-have" features. "With time, it's possible iPad applications in healthcare will proliferate. Maybe they'll even save hospitals some money and increase productivity," Yin writes. "But for now, take whatever you read about the iPad's impact on healthcare with a grain of salt." FierceHealthcare