Soon-Shiong invests in expanding telehealth infrastructure; Medtronic adds app for implantable cardiac monitors

> mHealth angel investor Patrick Soon-Shiong puts $2.6 million into KeyOn Communications. Goal: Build out broadband connectivity to rural hospitals and clinics. Article

> Telemedicine proves successful for Parkinsons treatment. Article

> CEO of InMobi, India's equivalent to Google, estimates meteoric mobile expansion in coming decade. Article

> College of American Pathologists debuts health screening reminders via cell phone. Article

> Get more insight into IBM's latest mHealth study with this interview of IBM exec Heather Fraser. Article

> Check out this interesting study on factors mHealth must master to be effective. Article

> Medtronic builds app for its implantable cardiac monitors. Article

> Here's an intriguing blog post that encourages pharmaceutical companies to boost their marketing via mobile devices. Article.

> FCC continues coverage for rural hospitals. Article

...And Finally: In case you haven't aleady heard: Here's the "Tot Mom" verdict.