Smartphone case could help users track vital signs

New mobile health monitoring technology in the form of a smartphone case promises to help users better track vital signs and make more informed lifestyle decisions. The technology, called Wello, is primarily aimed at users concerned about health and fitness, according to Azoi, the three-year-old startup that developed the monitoring case. Wello supports iOS and Android KitKat phones and measures key vitals including blood pressure, electrocardiography, heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, and even lung functions via an add-on spirometer device. Azoi plans to have Wello in market by next fall after gaining regulatory approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a spokesperson told FierceMobileHealthcare."The regulatory review is expected to take 90 days in the U.S. and lesser for other countries," the spokesperson told FierceMobileHealthcare

The new technology is just the latest mobile healthcare monitoring option coming to market from smartphone makers and software developers. Samsung's impending Galaxy S5, due in market April 11, boasts a heart-rate sensor that will undergo review by South Korea government health officials as it may fall under the country's 'medical device' category. Announcement