Samsung continues to forge mHealth; Docs says young professionals should embrace Twitter;

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> Samsung is continuing to grow its mHealth investments, and is now in alliances with two dozen partners, including healthcare vendor Aetna, according to ZDNet. "We'll be a company that provides numerous values to customers based on our best research and development infrastructure," Samsung said in its third-quarter report. "We'll continue on with our investments on mobile healthcare and B2B sector." Article

> Every young medical professional should embrace the social network tool Twitter given the available networking resources, the knowledge base and its ability to help doctors and caregivers establish a professional identity. It's also a beneficial strategy for tapping virtual communities, according to Brian Secemsky, M.D., writing at LeadDoc. Article

> Intel has debuted its Intel Sensing Platform for supporting mHealth delivery which it describes as more immersive, perceptive and social for enhancing the user experience and productivity. The platform features a new chip, hardware, analytics and cloud-based tech for developing consumer tools, according to a report at NDTV Gadgets. Article

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> Telemedicine-based collaborative care is proving to be an effective strategy for providing psychotherapy care to veterans in rural areas suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, according to research published in JAMA Psychiatry. The authors report findings suggest such care can successfully engage the patient population in evidence-based psychotherapy for PTSD, and boost clinical outcomes. Article

> Home visits, telemedicine and digital health all will be ubiquitous as healthcare reform continues to take hold, according to University of Pennsylvania-based health economist Ezekiel Emanuel tells MedCity News. He says digital tools also will help providers to cut costs through more refined and accurate mining of data in medical claims and electronic health records. Article

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> The second year of open enrollment through health insurance exchanges has been mostly positive, but the states that run their own exchanges still face a financial test, the Associated Press reported. Article

And Finally…. Why Tibetans are forever grateful for barley. Article