Radiologist reviews iPad image-viewing apps

Dr. Sam Friedman, CTO and director for nuclear medicine at Pitts Radiology in South Carolina, doesn't expect that radiologists will replace their PC-based picture archiving and communications systems overnight, but eventually migrate to the iPad and similar devices as software and hardware improve, FierceBiotechIT reports. The current offerings are "bare-bones programs," largely related to file management, writes Friedman, who reviews radiology iPhone apps for the Advance family of publications. He does find that the current crop of apps functions well in magnified mode, though. The image viewers have disclaimers against their use for diagnosis--something that Friedman says he won't dispute. And he notes that computed radiography exams "don't look as good on the iPad as the cross-sectional modalities." But the iPad screen should be adequate for diagnosis, according to Friedman. FierceBiotechIT