Project shows promise of mHealth devices, cloud-based tools for clinical trials

A method development project conducted by Medidata and GlaxoSmithKline reveals mHealth technologies boast the capability to collect big data sets using cloud-based tools that can lead to real-time insight on patient well-being, according to a report at

Big data and mHealth devices can support efforts to reduce burdens on patients when it comes to eliminating unnecessary procedures, streamlining routine procedures and reducing time spent at clinical trial sites, according to the report.

"We think there is expansive opportunity to apply mHealth technologies across clinical trials," Kara Dennis, vice president at Medidata Solutions, told, adding mobile devices afford an opportunity to collect "objective phenotypic insight directly from subjects."

During the program participants wore two wearable devices for collecting data on vital signs, activity levels and electrocardiogram results, for a total of 18 million data points on activity per participant per day. Moving forward widespread adoption of such technology in clinical trial efforts will require reliable, scalable and regulatory compliant infrastructures, Matt Noble, senior director of product development at Medidata, said in the article. Article