Penn State students create pain management app; US National Cancer Institute, others develop clinical trial drug tool;

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> Managing chronic pain is the focus of a new app developed by Pennsylvania State University students. The C-Pain Go tool, created as part of the university's mHealth Challenge, helps patients track pain symptoms in a digital journal and reminds them three times a day to record pain events. Announcement

> A smartphone app and Web portal will play a role in testing a digital support service in clinical trials involving an ovarian cancer drug. The service, developed by the U.S. National Cancer Institute, AstraZeneca and Voluntis, will help caregivers and patients manage drug side effects. Announcement

> IBM Watson Health and Nutrino have teamed up to develop a nutrition app and information service aimed at providing pregnant women with nutritional advice and insight, round-the-clock support and a question-and-answer service. The Nutrino App relies on custom user data regarding pregnancy status, dietary needs and can collect data from wearable devices. Announcement

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> CancerLinQ, a project from the American Society of Clinical Oncology that aims to use big data analytics to improve cancer care, is moving toward broader deployment. The platform puts outcomes from a large group of patients into a clinical decision support tool that is available to all oncologists. Article

> Cancer patients who tracked their systems online reported higher quality of life compared to a control group, according to research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. They also were less frequently admitted to the emergency department, remained on chemotherapy longer and had a higher survival rate. Article

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> HouseCalls, which sends a physician or nurse practitioner on a home visit to Medicare Advantage members, helped reduce hospital and nursing home admissions, according to a new study. The study looked at the results of the UnitedHealth Medicare Home Visit Program, which has been active in five states since January 2008. Article

> Though UnitedHealth Group has recently made headlines stateside for its possible exit from the Affordable Care Act exchanges, the nation's largest insurer still has its sights set on expansion abroad. Already one of Brazil's largest health insurers, UnitedHealth is seeking to expand its reach in the provider business there. Article

And Finally... Football players not the only athletes facing concussion risk. Article