Pebble debuts expanded health app; Graphene option bodes well for wearables;

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> Pebble, through a partnership with Stanford's Wearable Health Lab, is debuting Pebble Health, a more comprehensive app for its step and sleep tracking smartwatch that hit the market three years ago, according to a report at Gizmdo. Pebble Health aims to help users achieve healthier sleep and more intuitive insight on activities. Pebble has also released a Health API to drive development of virtual coach apps and other smartwatch devices using Pebble Health. Article

> New research published at reveals encouraging news regarding the feasibility of using printed graphene in wireless wearable communications apps. Researchers note it boasts a low cost and simple fabrication process, which are benefits in commercial mass production of wearable electronics. Paper

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> Telemedicine is both a clinically and cost-effective manner for treating patients with mental disorders, according to a research analysis published this month in the journal Telemedicine and e-Health. Article

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> Despite the controversy surrounding the rise of narrow-network plans, a health insurance startup based in Denver aims to amplify the trend as it designs products for individual consumers. Article

And Finally... Don't miss the rare Christmas full moon. Article