Payers, providers gear up for digital transformation

Doctor and digital devices
A new survey shows health systems and insurers are preparing to integrate more digital health tools.

Payers and providers are already dipping their toes into the waters of digital health, but a new survey shows many are preparing to dive in over the next several years.

Fewer than 10% of payers and providers are currently engaging in digital transformation, according to an IDC survey, “Payer and Provider Investment Plans for Digital Transformation,” detailing digital health investment plans for both industries. However, a much larger portion are either researching or piloting digital solutions.

A recent survey by Rock Health indicated that more than half of consumers have used three or more digital health tools last year, a significant increased from 2015. Experts predict 2017 will be one in which hospitals begin utilizing emerging technologies. Heath systems are already poised to invest in updated laboratory systems and data exchanges.

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According to the IDC survey, nearly one-third of healthcare providers said they are evaluating digital investments over the next three years, with the majority of providers focusing on cloud services, followed by cybersecurity and mobile applications. 

As security concerns have faded, more hospitals are pushing services to the cloud, which can help integrated systems solve fragmentation issues.