Patients access records online with health connection app

Loyola University Health System has launched an app that lets patients view a list of current meds, make appointments and view test results online using their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices, CMIO reports.

Through the free online health connection, myLoyola Select, patients can easily access personal health information, as well as communicate with their doctors over a secure line, notes the health system.

The app allows patients to be more involved with their healthcare as "it facilitates communication between the patient and the doctor's office, and eliminates phone tag," Dr. Keith Veselik, medical director of Primary Care, said in a statement.

One patient, Richard Currie, used myLoyola Select to monitor his cholesterol, blood pressure and PSA levels, and to keep track of when he's due for his next colonoscopy.

The app also allows patients to view health summaries, including their current medications, allergies, immunizations and a schedule of preventive-care recommendations; and view summaries of past appointments, including vital signs (blood pressure, pulse and weight) and follow-up instructions.

To sign up for the online connection, patients obtain an activation code from their doctors and create a user ID and password, explains Loyola Medicine. A parent or guardian can connect to a child's health records by completing a Proxy Consent Form.

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