Oncologists launch Cancer.Net mobile app

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) just released its first mobile app, Cancer.Net Mobile, for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Patients can use the free app to manage their cancer treatment and even communicate with physicians, according to association officials. The app covers 120 cancer types.

Reviewers at iMedicalApps lauded the new app, in particular, for allowing patients to ask questions about their care, or their condition, and receive a clinical response. The app also allows users to record their questions in voice form, which can be important for patients with chemotherapy-induced neuropathy who have trouble typing on a small keyboard, says iMedicalApps' Iltifat Husain.

"The ability to store questions in an innovation fashion, along with a medication and symptoms section, makes the application one of the best in the App Store for patients," he writes.

Patients can use the app to track their chemotherapy and other drug regiments, plus monitor symptoms, including time, severity and duration. The app also allows patients to download ASCO-approved information about cancer types, treatment, etc., in a variety of media, including videos, podcasts and online articles.

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