ONC privacy roundtable set for Friday; Facebook app helps families, physicians 'experience' Alzheimer's;

> ONC is holding a half-day roundtable on mobile devices this Friday, March 16, in Washington, D.C. Set to speak: Three panels of federal officials and researchers, provider organizations and and mHealth industry reps. Article

> A fascinating new Facebook app says it can help clinicians understand and empathize with Alzheimer's patients. It could also prove a valuable tool for family members and others. Article

> Ginger.io snapped up RockHealth startup Pipette, announcing it will marry its own "passive sensing technology" with Pipettes post-discharge tracking and intervention software. Article

> Sanofi just launched its IBGStar iPhone-compatible glucose monitor in Britain. Officials hope it will help give the company an edge in the tough British pharma market. Article

> Vanderbilt University has created a new touchscreen technology to help visually impaired patients "feel" information. Article

> Users--including physicians--continue to over-bond with their mobile devices, according to a new survey. Article

> A new app tracks bladder health. Article

And Finally... Here's one way to get your kids to pay attention in school. Article

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