Omnicell debuts self-contained mobile medication unit

There's a conference going on in Las Vegas right now that, as far as we can tell, features a good amount of wireless and mobile technologies. At the annual meeting of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, representing hospital-based pharmacists, medication systems vendor Omnicell is previewing a new product called the Omnicell Mobile Medication System, essentially an extension of the automated dispensing cabinet to the bedside.

The mobile unit features Omnicell's SafetyMed software to verify the "five rights" of medication administration, as well as the new Anywhere RN software, which provides nurses with remote access to automated dispensing functions. The system includes barcoding technology for patient and drug verification, as well as real-time reconciliation of meds delivered to patients to "close the loop" in the ordering and dispensing process.

To learn more:
- read this Omnicell press release