Nurses create mHealth system to verify med dosage; App helps with consultation on hard-to-heal wounds;

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> A group of Boston Children's Hospital nurses have built a prototype mHealth system to verify medication and dosage using an iPod camera that eliminates the need for two nurses in a patient's room. Through using the tool, a second nurse can conduct verification from a remote location, according to FDANews. It is currently in the testing stage. Article

> A new HIPAA-compliant mHealth app and platform, called iOn Healing, can provide virtual consultation capabilities for clinicians in treating hard-to-heal wounds and ordering necessary prescriptions. Announcement

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> Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth is trying to stem an occupational communications challenge--email overload--by instituting "email-free Fridays," to prompt more face-to-face communications while reducing the email pile many employees are managing. Article

> A Medscape report highlights a new process, called "STADA," that aims to enhance the ethics consultation communication between a doctor and a patient's family when the two entities are not in agreement regarding the next best course of action. The acronym suggests best discussion strategies, sharing of patient insight and even interpersonal behaviors. Article

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> A massive 120,000-square-foot virtual care center in Missouri is nearly completed, according to a MedCity News report. The facility will house all of Mercy Health System's telehealth programs. The goal is to centralize work processes and boost communications. Article

And Finally… Jacques Cousteau would have loved this. Article