Nintendo to develop sleep mapping device; Google creates cancer-detecting tech;

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> Video game console maker Nintendo and medical equipment vendor ResMed are developing what they claim will be the first non-contact sleep system, according to an article at the Huffington Post. The system will track a user's fatigue level and use microwave transmission sensors to track sleep patterns and collect data in a quest to help users "map their sleep." Article

> Lenovo's first-ever fitness tracker, the Lenovo Smartband, recently quietly debuted and is aimed at the younger generation, according an announcement from the company. The device tracks exercise, calories burned, heart rate and sleep. Announcement

> Google is developing a cancer-detecting technology featuring particles released in the body through a pill and a wristband used for monitoring blood and biochemistry changes for early diagnosis of diseases including pancreatic cancer, according to the BBC. Article

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> A California state attorney general report recently revealed that 75 percent of breaches involving the California healthcare industry were due to unencrypted data on lost or stolen hardware or portable media, a problem strong encryption would fix, according to the report. Article

> January is only a few months away but Cleveland Clinic is already looking to the New Year with today's release of its list of top medical innovations for 2015. Among the technologies and developments Cleveland Clinic sees taking off are a mobile stroke ambulance, painless blood testing and an intra-operative radiation approach for breast cancer, according to an announcement from the clinic. Article

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> Despite all the improvements that federal officials have made to to prepare for the second enrollment period, insurers remain concerned that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hasn't perfected a system for informing them when existing consumers switch plans, reported the Philadelphia Inquirer. Article

And Finally.. New York is home to newly discovered frog species. Article