New vehicles combine mobile clinics, telemedicine

Mobile healthcare means different things to different people. Though we at FierceMobileHealthcare tend to define it in context of mobile technology, the term could refer to clinics on wheels or perhaps even telemedicine. It's particularly relevant when you combine mobility and telemedicine, as Mobile Specialty Vehicles has done.

The Jasper, TX-based company has started to equip some of its mobile clinics with telemedicine facilities, allowing specialists to care for patients in underserved communities that may not have even basic primary care to host telemedicine sessions. "Every hospital and clinic in the U.S. should have one of these [mobile clinics]," Mobile Specialty Vehicles President and CEO Glen Henderson says. "They are high-quality products that can be outfitted with telemedicine and allow a specialist to view a patient from anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of what it takes to bring that person to a fixed facility," Henderson adds in a podcast interview with Future Healthcare.

To learn more about the future of mobile clinics, including mobile telemedicine:
- listen to the Future Healthcare podcast (reg req)
- read an edited transcript, as published in EarthTimes