New mobile apps help clinicians sort through mounds of data, reference material

Let's face it, healthcare professionals are drowning in data. Even though most medical records remain on paper, researchers churn out page after page after page of new medical literature. Those with EMRs often have to sort through longer reports than they were used to seeing with paper records.

In FierceEMR last week, we mentioned the Queriable Patient Inference Dossier, or QPID, that Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has created to help radiologists and other clinicians extract useful data from EMRs. CMIO reports on QPID as well, but also mentions other efforts to tame the data monster.

Of particular note to FierceMobileHealthcare readers, the Center for Biomedical Informatics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is taking its some of its data aggregation mobile. CHOP has released an iPhone and iPod Touch app to help those running clinical trials record and grade adverse events based on the 200-page Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events guide from the National Cancer Institute.

Tomorrow, Nuance Communications will formally introduce Dragon Medical Mobile Search, an iPhone app to help clinicians search medical references by voice command. (The free app is already available in the Apple App Store.)

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