New infant security process debuts; Smartphone use jumps, Pew says;

> A new Wi-Fi-based RTLS security system puts infant security trackers in umbilical cord clamps. Pretty interesting. Article

> UnitedHealth now offers 24/7 access to nurses through a new members app. Article

> InformationWeek offers an interesting rebuttal to the BYOD enthusiasm gripping healthcare. One big problem: Different form factors on different mobile technology can dramatically affect clinicians' ability to see, and use, all available functions on a particular screen. Article

> The Food and Drug Administration is creating a mobile app to help alert the public to adverse reactions to experimental drugs that may be prescribed during a public health emergency, such as an influenza outbreak. Article

> Telcom giants are targeting healthcare for easy revenue. Nervous yet? You should be. Article

> Global mHealth provider Etisalat, wins three awards from GSMA for mom/baby app, and "touch-and-go" money app, all of which are aimed at the developing world. Article

> A new Pew Research study says the number of smartphone users in the U.S. is up to 46 percent in February 2012--that's a far cry from the 35 percent Pew recorded last May. Article

And Finally... Money can't buy you everything. Article