New app to help caregviers monitor patients during, after pregnancy; Reseachers take step closer to creation of electronic skin patches;

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> A mobile app with video capabilities, built by Baxter, the Baxter International Foundation, Bangalore's Health Department and World Vision India, will help caregivers monitoring the health status of women during and after pregnancy. Announcement

> Electronic skin, providing vitals such as heart rate and blood oxygen levels, is getting closer to reality now that University of Tokyo researchers have created an ultrathin, super flexible protective film. Announcement

> Embroidered circuits developed by Ohio State University researchers may soon lead to new clothing-based health wearable devices capable of tracking brain activity to boosting cell phone signals. The circuits of metallic thread are being called "e-textiles." Article

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> Though sales of the Apple Watch have fallen short of expectations, the wearable technology still could play a vital role in helping insurers actively engage members in their health, according to the Motley Fool. Article

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> Healthcare organizations must take a data-driven approach when it comes to security efforts, David Severski, manager of the information security program at Seattle Children's Hospital, tells Healthcare IT News. He likens the use of data in security and risk management to evidence-based medicine. Article

> Washington state now covers store-and-forward remote monitoring, while Oklahoma has stopped reimbursing for such services--both clear examples of states' diverging policy directions when it comes to telemedicine, according to a recent report. Article

And Finally…A different city, a different microbe. Article