New app store geared toward health professionals

Healthcare professionals interested in getting their hands on the latest medical apps may want to check out Happtique beginning next month. Happtique, which was created by Greater New York Hospital Association Ventures, touts itself as the first "one-stop" mobile app store for healthcare professionals (although also sells apps targetted toward health professionals). 

"We have entered a new technology-driven disruptive stage in the healthcare industry, brought about by the growth in smart phones, connected tablets and apps that are transforming how clinicians, patients and related stakeholders are managing their care," GNYHA Ventures president Lee Perlman said, according to a press release. "At a time when mobile technology is more important than ever in the healthcare workplace, Happtique will make it easy to locate, purchase, and install mobile healthcare apps to help everyone deliver better care at lower costs while saving time and minimizing errors." 

While the store technically will be open for business in November, it won't be fully operational until mid-2011. By then, Happtique will be able to sell apps in bulk to hospitals at discounted prices. Employees in the healthcare field also will be able to buy "off-the-shelf" apps, as well as custom-built apps created by their employers. California-based Ondeego, Inc., is offering its AppCentral and AppGuard technology to help get the store off the ground. 

"By aligning our mobile app management program with GNYHA's vast experience in the healthcare industry, Happtique emerges as the world's first vertical mobile app store for healthcare," Ondeego CEO Ken Singer said. "We're proud to play a role in improving the quality of healthcare while also lowering costs." 

For more information:
- read this GNYHA press release