New app helps docs to diagnose blood disorders

A new app debuted by Novo Nordisk last week will give physicians the ability to diagnose blood disorders more accurately and efficiently. The diabetes care giant created the app, Coags Uncomplicated, with physician Craig Kessler of Georgetown University Hospital's Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

It features a "lab value analyzer," into which physicians can type a patient's coagulation test results and obtain a list of possible diagnoses, along with normative lab values for comparison. The app also provides guidance on additional tests that may be needed to hone in on the final appropriate diagnosis, according to company statements.

Results from testing, presented at the 2010 American Society of Hematology's annual meeting last year, indicate the app can help specialists recognize abnormal blood clotting activity in a bleeding patient. That can help clinicians shift focus from locating the site of a hemorrhage, to addressing the illness causing it, which can be crucial in emergency care.

It's an interesting move for the Denmark-based Novo Nordisk, which has long been a leader in diabetes care, with only a comparative toehold in the blood-disorder market. Securities analysts indicate the company is looking to expand its blood-related products, with a total of seven new hemophilia drugs in testing right now.

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