Nearly three quarters of docs use tablet computers

While smartphone use among physicians has continued to climb steadily, the rate of tablet adoption among doctors has jumped to 72 percent, according to the latest Taking the Pulse report from Manhattan Research, as reported by mHealthWatch.

Seventy-two percent of physicians own a tablet but they're not all using it the same way, according to Meredith Ressi, president of Manhattan Research. "There's a minority who are very active users treating it as a quasi-mobile device, using it throughout the day for both information look-up and content consumption," said Ressi. "And then there's more of a lean-back crew, more of an 'on the couch' thing, watching video and reading emails."

In another recent survey, nearly three-fourths of healthcare providers said that tablets improve their workflow. The survey consisted of 152 healthcare respondents who use tablets on a regular basis. Article