Most UK docs use a smartphone at work; Pharma wary of FDA social media rules;

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> A new study reveals nine out of 10 physicians in the United Kingdom own a smartphone and 82 percent use them regularly for work, according to an article on Of the 330 doctors polled, more than three quarters--85 percent--are willing to participate in research regarding mobile app use in the caregiver and treatment role. Article

> The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's new social media rule will not help consumers and will have a "chilling" impact on the industry, according to pharmaceutical companies. The companies are worried the FDA will hold pharma responsible for inaccurate product data posted on social networks by third parties, according to an article from The Hill. The pharma companies believe the draft guidelines will stop consumers from social network interaction regarding healthcare drugs and treatment. Article

> A new wearable fitness and sleep monitor aimed at helping teens live a more active lifestyle is hitting the market this November in the U.K., and its creator isn't even closely associated with healthcare. Coca-Cola has developed the Flash Fitness monitor as well as a mobile game called Just Dance Now. It's part of the company's "Movement Through Happiness" campaign, according to an article at Article

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> The University of California, San Francisco's soon-to-open Mission Bay Hospital is strongly focused on patient engagement and is implementing patient-centered technology such as an in-room platform that allows for personalization for language and age, connection to social media and access to cloud-based entertainment. There will also be a full electronic health record and automated medication delivery system as well as a telehealth system put in place. Article

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> Most consumers don't trust insurers or employers when it comes to serving as a source of health and wellness, reveals a new Welltok survey, and just 8 percent rely on payers as a source of health and wellness information. The number is a tiny bit higher, 10 percent, when it comes to employers. Article

And Finally… Happy talk helps the socially anxious. Article