Mobile technology trends will be emphasized at HIMSS innovation showcase

Mobile technologies are pushing out onto healthcare's bleeding edge, if HIMSS 2011 is any indicator. The conference's innovation showcase--HIT X.0: Beyond the Edge--offers four of 12 sessions focused on mobile healthcare tech, with the promise of mobile apps and devices possibly highlighted in several more.

The four sessions include:

- Keep Up, Healthcare is Going Mobile: A spotlight of the migration of smartphones into today's hospital and physician workflows.

- A Glimpse at Technology's Tomorrow Today: A discussion of the "innovative, imaginative, and the atypical," technologies emerging in healthcare today. 

- The Future of Home Care Today: Projects a future with most healthcare based in the home, and "personal connected healthcare devices" providing the connectivity to make it possible.

- Coming to Your Life Tomorrow: Today's Military Technology: Describes a U.S. Army pilot project for secure mobile messaging between soldiers and their healthcare practitioners. Offers a glimpse into other ways mobile devices may be used in military healthcare in the future, as well.

To learn more:
- read about all the HIT X.0 sessions on the HIMSS conference website