Mobile platform aims to improve mental health treatment; VA debuts remote care program;

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> A new mobile data platform, being offered for free as part of two pilot programs by SelfEcho, aims to help mental health clinicians improve patient treatment by providing data between therapy visits, according to an announcement. The platform features a centralized dashboard for monitoring patient progress as well as practice management tools. Announcement

> A Veterans Affairs hospital in Charleston, South Carolina, has debuted a new remote healthcare program, according to The program will feature two-way audiovisual and computer connectivity in its intensive care unit that will allow VA specialists at other medical locations to participate in ICU patient care. Announcement

> An Orlando, Florida, children's hospital is running a pediatric clinic trial of PT Pal, a physical therapy app, that lets patients, caregivers and therapists record movements as part of outpatient rehabilitation services efforts, according to an article at SearchHealthIT. The video helps patients re-enact the activity during at-home rehab, replacing the traditional pages of exercise illustrations. The app also helps patients keep track of daily physical therapy work requirements. Article

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> The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) says it provided remote care to more than 690,000 veterans during fiscal year 2014. Article

> Electronic communication should become a part of physicians' job descriptions, according to a new Health Affairs study published recently at the Annals of Family Medicine, given increased use of mobile devices and technology in the healthcare sector. Yet while patients show increasing interest in portals and messaging, clinicians have been slow to adopt such tools. Article

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> A new study reveals the average American is taking on increasing medical debt. The typical Between 2010 and 2013 Americans' median income dipped $2,300 while healthcare expenses rose by more than $1,800. Article

And Finally… Cave art illustrates early human intelligence. Article