mHealth's future: How close are we to seeing a 'digital nervous system'?

A New York Times editorial really shot the moon this week, predicting some pretty intriguing mobile healthcare options for use with practically no physician input or involvement. While most of the ideas are extensions of technology that's available now, it still makes for a pretty exciting view of the future for mobile healthcare. Op-ed writer Frank Moss, the former director of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology Media Lab, envisions patients wearing a "digital nervous system" of wireless sensors that will track vital signs, daily activities, stress levels and more to create a minute-by-minute picture of the wearer's health. Add to that bandages that monitor for infection, avatars that can help you run quick-diagnosis checks at home, and plug-ins or add-on devices to do actual biological testing, and your visits to the physician for low-level health issues may become nearly nonexistent, Moss predicts. Article