mHealth market to top $392M by 2015; BodyMedia raises $2.7M in capital;

> New Frost & Sullivan data predicts the mHealth market will have grown 70 percent by 2015. The new report, "Analysis of the U.S. Broadband mHealth Applications Market", says mHealth revenues will reach $392 million in 2015, up from $230 million in 2010. Researchers tell FierceMobileHealthcare that the professional side of that market--clinicians, providers and others purchasing devices, apps, etc.--will be a particular driver of the mHealth growth. Article

> Are you, or your doctors, nomophobes? It's a colloquial, rather than a clinical, term but it's pretty powerful nonetheless. If you sleep with your phone by your probably are. Article

> Pittsburgh developer BodyMedia just raised a whopping $2.7 million in capital, on its way to an anticipated $10 million. The company's primary product, FitBand, measures vitals, activity levels, sleep patterns, and offers mobile apps to track progress, problems, etc. Its big claim to fame: It's being used by astronauts on the International Space Station. Article

> Ever heard of a tri-axial accelerometer? Well, it's the latest in activity/motion detection, and Android is using it to provide gait analysis. Reviewers at iMedicalApps say Droid's version is just about as good as a standard accelerometer, according to a Japanese study. Article

> Yep...there's an app for THAT! A new sexually transmitted disease app allows users to post, share and check STD health status. You knew it would happen someday. Article

> More than a third of smartphone users are passing more than 1G/month in data usage, according to a new study. Check your own mobile bills for your power users--they may be costing you way more than you think. Article

> National Day of Unplugging, a 24-hour technology detox experiment, ran from Friday night through Saturday. Its goal: Help users disconnect from smartphones, social media, etc. and reconnect with individuals. Wonder if any of your physicians joined in? Or whether there should be a healthcare-specific version of this? Article

And Finally... I'm not sure my stomach could handle one pound of hot dog. Article